Elrond Ants Club

The art of mixing
Development, Investment and Gaming !

NTFs collection game for the benefits of it’s community.

Elrond Ants Club is a collection of 10 000 unique ants randomly generated. The goal is to call enthusiasts of the Elrond ecosystem together around a DAO serving its members and the Elrond network.


100 %

Redistributed to the players and members of the club.


Phase 1

Set up plan of the project

  • Writing of the Elron Ants Club project
  • Meeting of the creation team
  • Design of the NFTs attributes
  • Setting up of the website and socials networks
Phase 1
Phase 2

Sale of the NFTs

  • Beginning of the marketing campaign
  • Beginning of the “whitelist registration” games
  • Launch of the presale (1800 NFTs)
  • Airdrop of the NFT reserved to the marketing communication (200 NFTs)
  • Launching of the public sale of 8000 NFTs
Phase 2
Phase 3

Start of the great Elrond Ants Club adventure

  • Closing of the game to the users who haven’t got any NFTs ants and starting of the game ‘Gather to Win”.
  • Opening of club memberships.
  • Airdrop of Ants Game NFTs to the first investor (Whitelist and public sale)
  • Launch of the DAO and organization of the first proposals voted by the members
  • Setting up of the staking

For the rest of the adventure, we will build it together.

Phase 3


Elrond Ants club What is it ?
  • The objective is to bring together enthusiasts of the crypto universe, to unite our knowledge, to create, to exchange and to promote development on the Elrond blockchain! Like ants, the club is meant to be a symbol of strength, diligence, willpower, honesty, unity and determination.

    Whether you are a collector, trader, developer, player or simply passionate, you will have your place within the community and will find an interest in it. Being part of the DAO will allow you to contribute to the development of the project and vote for all the proposals submitted by the community ! You can also propose your project to the community to obtain technical or financial assistance.

    Also you will have an access to the visuals of the accounts (income and expenses).

    Club Member Benefits:

    Access a community of enthusiasts.
    Participate in the members-only stacking.
    Benefit from the airdrop or the whitelist of partner projects.
    Shared 40% of the royalties on the exchange of NFT Ants collections.
    Have a VIP pass to the blockchain-related events.
    Vote on club investment or spending decisions.
    And many other things that we haven’t thought of yet, but that you could suggest.

"Gather to Win" how to play it ?

The principle of the game remains very simple, you only need to create a collection of Nft Ants which has a maximum of different attribute.

3 series of 6 attributes will be generated randomly, if you have all the attributes of one of the requested series in your wallet, you can then claim the associated gain. Each time a player earn a gain related to one series, a new series will be randomly generated and a new gain will be shown.

Find all of the informations about this game on our discord.


I’m not allowed to tell you this, but… Some NFTs have special attributes that allow game bonuses.

How to become a member of the club ?

To become a Member and benefit from the advantages, you will need to Stake your NFTs over a period of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.


Interesting !!! This will make it way harder to obtain the attributes!!!

The public sale is over where to buy an NFT Elrond "Ants Club" ?

After the public sale, the NFTs can be traded on the marketplace, https://trust.market/ or https://deadrare.io/

How many NFTs Elrond "Ants Club" are there ?

There are only 10,000 NFTs Elrond “Ants Club”,
The NFTs minted as rewards for the game will be extensions of the series, usable for the game, but do not allow you to join the club! Only the 1st series of 10,000 will give access to membership status and allow you to benefit from club advantages.

How to get NFTs "Ants Game" ?

The 1st “Ants Game” expansion cannot be purchased!
There will be only 3 solutions to obtain them. Have participated in the Ants Club sale (whitlist or public sale) and benefited from the planned airdrop
Play to different games.
Or to burn a NFTs “Ants Club” vs 2 “Ants Game”.


Now he is burning “Ants Club” NFTs. There will be nothing left for the game!!!

This FAQ does not answer my question ?

In this case join our discord community you will certainly find your answer there.