Elrond Ants Club ! DAO

A DAO is a decentralized organization whose governance rules are automated and immutably and transparently registered in a blockchain.

“It’s an incorruptible form of organization owned by the people who helped create and fund it, and whose rules are public. So there is no need to trust anyone, because everything is in the code, auditable by everyone.

To work, a DAO uses smart contracts, these autonomous programs that automatically execute conditions defined in advance.


The objective of Elrond Ants club is to gather a community around the elrond blockchain and to help its development! 

Whether you are a collector, trader, developer, player or simply passionate, you will have your place within the community and will find an interest in it. Being part of the DAO will allow you to contribute to the development of the project and vote for all the proposals submitted by the community !

Also you will have an access to the visuals of the accounts (income and expenses).

DAO member advantages

To become a Member and benefit from the advantages, you will need to Stake your NFTs over a period of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

  • Access to the private staking .
  • Participate in the launch of partner projects, their whitelist and airdrop.
  • DAO-funded meetups will be organized at real-world or metaverse blockchain events.
  • Vote on club investment or spending decisions.
  • And many other benefits that we will decide together.

DAO Funding

Founding members will pay 60% of NFT sales to the DAO which will be placed in staking for the time of their use or distribution

10% royalties will be applied on the resale of NFTs .

Distribution of funds and use

Benefit of Stacking:

Redistribution to the member DAO: 40%
Redistribution for DAO: 60%

Redistribution to the member DAO: 40%
Redistribution for DAO: 60%.

The objective of the "ants game" game

The objective of this game is to keep a volume of exchange on the NFT in order to create a regular financial income.

For that we will need to create another series if the price of the NFT “Ants club” would become too high, this collection will be named Elrond “Ants Games” it will only allow to participate to the games but not to join the DAO.

The first batch of this series will be created by the founder team. It will not be sold. 50% will be won during the games and 50% of this series will be offered to the 1st investor of the Elrond “Ants Club” series.

Complements to this series can be created by DAO members after validation by the community and will be distributed according to the following rules:

-The artist will have the choice to sell them or to offer them to the community.

In the case of a sale, 60% will go to the creator and 40% to the DAO.

10% royalties will be applied on the resale of the NFTs.

Of the total royalties applied, 20% will be for the artist  40% for the DAO members and 40% for the DAO account.