Ants Game contest

don't let your nft get bored

Play to earn

Ants Game is the 1st NFT collection game that combines trading, strategy and speed on a dedicated, simple and intuitive interface.
The aim is to score as many points as possible with the various characteristics or attributes found in NFTs!
Compete against other NFT collectors and prove to everyone that you’ve got the best collection.


A tool is available to help you in the game. You’ll find various information, such as the number of points per trait, their rarity level, a direct link to the secondary market and much other useful information. A premium tool will also be available to create collection strategies, analyze your portfolio to inform you of unnecessary NFTs and many other options not available on the standard tool. To access this premium tool, you must have an AntsGameTickets NFT.

How to play :
A series of 5 features is drawn every 60 seconds. Your aim is to regularly check the number of points in your collection before the series changes.
Each trait is worth more or fewer points, depending on its rarity.
You can accept or reject the number of points for each series generated.
If you manage to have all the required traits in a series, you get bonus points, and a new series is then automatically generated, even if the regeneration counter isn’t finished, which will prevent other players from reclaiming points from that series.
The game is played in several rounds, and after the first round your ranking determines the number of times you are entitled to claim points.
Your aim is to be the player with the most points at the end of the competition.

Nft collection who will be in the Ants Game